Friday, June 26, 2015

4 Beauty Rules I Lack the Motivation to Follow

Let's get one thing clear. I am selectively picky about things. I can be an extremely neat and organized person at some things, while at others, I am the laziest one. Here are just a few beauty tasks that someone like me should be doing, but lack motivation to do so. Step one admitting to the problem at hand, so here is my addition in my effort to conquer.

#1: Cleaning Makeup Brushes
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I cannot even tell you the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes. That's how long it's been. When I think about it now, it really disgusts me. I remember buying my first beauty blender, and the girl who was helping me recommended that I just give it a "quick" clean every time I use it. Um...yeah, I didn't really keep to that motivation. Many skin problems can come from not washing makeup brushes, so I need to really work on this one.

#2 Regularly Paint Nails
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Beauty vlogers will always apologize for unpainted or chipped nails if they do a close up of a product they are holding. I honestly don't see how someone can have the motivation to keep up with it. I love having painted nails, but the whole process of painting your nails is extremely long, and just one wrong move within 24 hours after painting them calls for a hideous smudge and an incredible disappointment. However, I am beginning to think it's my top coat that isn't doing it's job correctly. With all of my extra time this summer, I will try to devote a little extra time to my nails.

#3 Regular Face Masks
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I love doing face masks because of how incredible they make my skin feel afterwards, but I frequently lack the motivation to go through the entire process. When I am doing my evening skin care routine, I am usually completely whipped out and lacking any motivation to use a face mask, let alone going through the never-ending process of trying to wash it off of your face after it has dried. Face masks work miracles for skin, and I really need to get back into using them more.

#4 Applying Lotion Regularly
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There is a select group of individuals who have the will power to smooth lotion onto their entire bodies after every single shower. I am not one of those devotional people. I would say I am lucky to put lotion on my legs once a week. Even during the winter, I refuse to spend just a minute or two hydrating my skin. I can't explain why I dislike putting on lotion so much, so I just hope I'm not the only one. I am always complaining about not having smooth skin, and this is why.

Step two, after addressing the issues is to begin to work to solve them. Come up with a few beauty fails for yourself and we can work together to accomplish these goals.

Stay classy,

Cover photo credit: Pinterest