Monday, June 29, 2015

Something Other Than Cutoff Shorts and a Tank

Fourth of July is just around the corner (It's this Saturday for those of you who have lost track of time). You all know what that means. Crop tops showing a little too much tummy and high wasted American flag denim shorts that try to convince people they are trying to be modest by covering a little more of the tummy, but actually they rise up so high up the butt it doesn't even make a difference. This is why I have come up with a couple cute fourth of July outfits that are super light for extremely hot days, super cute, and still patriotic. Embrace your love for fashion in really cool ways this 4th.

(photo from here) 
Stand out in the crowd of denim cutoffs and cropped tanks with this cute matchy outfit. This trend of the matching top and bottoms can be found anywhere, so just pick two pieces that fit to your liking. This follows the 60s trend, so you are more likely to find more modest pieces here. Look cute and classy but still stay cool. Embrace the day with a fashionable look.
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Embrace the opportunity to be a little out there with your fashion. I love wearing rompers on the 4th because they are extremely comfortable and they allow a lot of air flow like a dress. Try a navy blue romper with a cute striped sweater for the evening time.
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Sometimes you don't want to scream to the world "4th of July" with your outfit. I understand that. Here is a cute, subtle way of supporting the day. Pair a sheer, blue button up with a pair of red shorts. You can see the connection of the colors, but it's not as dramatic as wearing a tank with a cheesy 4th of July saying.
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When in doubt, go for a LWD. If you don't want to go out and purchase any new clothes for the fourth, it's easy enough to take a simple white dress and add some red and blue accessories to it. Super easy for any girl to achieve.

Stay classy this 4th,

Cover photo credit: Pinterest