Monday, June 22, 2015

Quality Makeup

My first makeup product was a little tube of clear lip gloss from Target that smelled like strawberries. My collection has come a long way from this first discovery. I have researched and tried out much more makeup than the average person will in a lifetime. With this obsession, I have tried out a fair share of both high end and drugstore makeup products. I thought I would share my philosophy on the two spectrums of makeup.

Let's start with the drugstore end. A majority of girls and women who wear makeup will stick to the drugstore for their main source of makeup because it's cheep, convenient, and diverse. It is completely fine to stick to drugstore makeup your entire life. However, because of my love for makeup, I have extended my spectrum to the high end side within the last year.

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Take this scenario. It's the morning, and you would really like a cup of coffee. You have two options: grab a cup from McDonalds or get a fancy Frappuccino or latte from Starbucks. Now I would choose Starbucks, even though I would have to pay a little extra. How come? My reasoning is because of the experience difference. I don't know about you all, but the only reason I go to McDonalds is because it's cheep and I need something quick. Starbucks is an entirely different experience. Yes, you pay a little extra, but you pay for a guaranteed delicious cup of coffee, latte, or Frappuccino and the experience of going there. Many people will take some time to get a little work done at Starbucks as apposed to McDonalds because of the atmosphere.

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Now, what does coffee have to do with makeup? Think of Starbucks as high end makeup and McDonalds as drugstore makeup. Though there is nothing wrong with drugstore makeup, you get a different experience when working with high end makeup.

When you buy a new eye shadow or lip gloss from the drugstore, you will use it. That's it. However, when you buy a new eye shadow or lip gloss from Sephora or Mac, it becomes a prized piece of your collection. You admire the beautifully detailed packaging so much that you want to be able to display it on your vanity. The way the product glides on like a dream every time you use it makes it worth every penny.
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In my downsizing process I have committed to before heading to collage, I have come to realize my preference for high and makeup and my willingness to spend a little extra for something truly extraordinary. I am willing to spend a good chunk of money on makeup, so I might as well spend it on a select few products that I swear were made by angels rather than a bunch of products that I think are okay.

Don't get me wrong, I will always have some drugstore products that I swear are as amazing as high end ones. For example, I cant' see myself ever getting a mascara anywhere other than the drugstore. However, I have come to understand the benefits of spending a little extra on some really amazing products. It's your choice, and this is my philosophy.

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