Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Little Things for a Healthier Life

Living a healthy lifestyle seems to be an unreachable thing for many people. The massive leaps that seem to be needed to reach this point make it all the more daunting. However, by making several gradual and small changes to your life each day, you can reach that goal you hope for. Here are a few small changes you can make for a big difference in your health.

Read through the list and try to incorporate each of these into your daily life.
  • Drink a glass of ice cold water right when you wake up
  • Strive to work out at least three times a week
  • Cut out sodas
  • Prepare your meal on a plate and then put away the rest (it will keep you from feeling tempted to eat more)
  • Focus more on adding healthier foods rather than taking away sugary foods
  • Create a workout playlist of your favorite motivational songs and don't end your workout until you have finished listening to the playlist (the song Savages from Pocahontas is strangely very motivating for me, as well as many other Disney songs that I know every word to)
  • Dedicate 20 minutes of your day to yourself to help with stress (struggling with this one? click here for a great video about it)
  • Try a workout challenge
  • Buy cute workout clothes
  • Dedicate a little bit of time for looking at the Health and Fitness section of Pinterest to motivate yourself
I hope these tips help you with a few little changes that you can do to your life.

Stay classy,

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