Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Buyer's Remorse

This post was inspired by the experiences I have encounter in just over a week of collage. Never have I experienced so many new, amazing, and frightening things in such a short amount of time. This is what I got out of it.

I have always been somewhat of an independent person. I grew up with two brothers, so that meant half of the time I played with them, but the other half I had to figure out how to entertain myself all on my own. As a grew older, I became excited about living on my own in my future. I preferred quiet time alone by myself, and living alone seemed like the best option for me.

I know that many soon-to-be collage students are dying to leave their house and their parents. Don't confuse me with them. I love my parents very much, but I was ready for a change, after 18 years in the same house and 6 years in the same school, with people I had known since kindergarten, I was ready for a change, and not nervous at all about the new found responsibilities.

Independence hit me like a ton of bricks. After just a couple days off at school, I wanted to go home. I missed my mom's love and support with the little things I would always forget and my dad's constant jokes to keep my life going. This was an extremely unnatural experience for me because I have never felt home sick in my life. For the first week of school, I probably texted my parents every day, just to remind myself that they are still in my life.

It's week two, and I have finally gained the strength to settle it, but I just thought I needed to share that experience with you all.

I was able to gain my strength through the creation of a routine. Routine makes us feel safe in a new environment, so once you create a routine you can feel right at home. But once you get too comfortable, it's time for a change.

Many people are blessed with amazing opportunities in this world. We have choices that we can face: to either take the leap of faith on a new journey, or stay in the comfort zone. The hardest part might not even be to make the decision to actually do it, but the few days after you get into it...like buyer's remorse.

You will face doubts in your life that seem so overwhelming that you feel you can never get over them. But they do not last forever. We are creatures that learn to mold into our surrounds. We can adapt to new people and new experiences far quicker that we realize.

Don't let the fear of buyer's remorse inhibit you from taking great leaps of faith.

My student mentor, here, is an example of a person who is willing to take leaps of faith. In between her freshman and sophomore year, she took an internship in New York to work for Hillary Clinton. At first thought, that may sound absolutely amazing (and it is), but I'm sure she face the tough challenges of living in a new city all on her own. New York is quite an overwhelming place for a beginner.

However, she concord it. She often talks about her amazing experience in the city, and now she can tell people what she did. She has opened up so many possibilities with her experience as a mere sophomore in collage.

I hope that I can make those kinds of decisions when they are offered to me, because regret is one of the most awful things in the world. We are always told to forget the past and look towards the future, but we all know how incredibly impossible that is.

Take that leap of faith, and even your failures you will not regret.