Friday, August 21, 2015

Fall Fashion at Full Speed

Now, we are all aware that fall is by far the best season for fashion lovers because the cool weather allows for unstoppable layering of the cutest jackets, sweaters, button-ups, and scarfs, and pulling out your favorite riding boots, booties, and tights. It may just be the fact that I am excited to finally be able to embrace fall fashion now that I won't be wearing a uniform every day, but I just get chills of excitement thinking about it. With fall approaching more rapidly than we realize, I thought it would be helpful to share a few of the trends for this coming season.

(photo from here) 
I'm going to start off with the trend I am most excited for this fall. Plaid! Now that I have officially given away all of my plaid uniform skirts, I am excited to embrace the whole new world of fashionable plaid. Embrace this pattern through cute scarfs, jackets, and of course button-ups. Be prepared to see even more plaid than usual in stores this fall.

(photo from here) 
Let's transition to another favorite of mine. Not to brag or anything, but I totally loved capes two years ago, before they were in style, so I think I deserve a little credit for this trend. Capes and ponchos can be a unique twist on your average outerwear. I have definitely seen many popping up in stores, and I swear I want to buy them all. I wasn't very into the whole "western" trend last fall, but who could say no to a cute poncho? Plus, it's like wearing  snuggly blanket, and who wouldn't want that?

Mini Skirts
(photo from here) 
Hello 60s, again! As we are beginning to transition from 60s inspired to 70s inspired fashion, designers aren't quite ready to leave the mini skirts behind. I love how they can make anyone's legs look a million times longer. If you're worried about freezing your legs off, pick up a cute pair of tights to go along. Fun tights were seen all over the runways, so you will have plenty to choose from this fall.

Stay classy,

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