Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Camel for Autumn

I don't know about you, but this lovely Autumn weather just makes me want pull out all of my warm brown clothes and shadows. I have been going through a black clothing obsession for the last few months, and I think it's time to try and mix that up a bit. I have been doing a little bit of fall fashion researching, and I have found that I really like the look of a warm camel-colored pieces with black. I still get to utilize all of the black pieces I have collected into my wardrobe, but I can add a touch of fall warmth with the camel. Adding camel is a great way of softening the sleek brown and adding a more modern touch to it. Here are a few outfits I have found that I really enjoy, if you need some inspiration.

You can never have to many utility jackets right? Though many people may go for darker colors like, black grey, or a forest green, pick up a nice camel colored one. It is the perfect medium between brightening up your outfit in all of the dreary, dark colors, but still keeping it fall appropriate.

Next is one of my personal favorites: the camel-colored overcoat. This is a great one if you're going all black jeans and top. The structured coat keeps the same sophisticated vibe, however the came color really pops since most people wear black or other dark color coats.

The last of my favorite camel pieces is a lovely camel sweater. Keep it comfy and simple with a camel-colored sweater and a pair of jeans. Keep it simple by just leaving it at that or go a little fancy by adding some statement jewelry or have a plaid flannel peak out o fit.

Stay classy,
Molly Steckler