Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Top Three Fashion Instagram Accounts

There is just something so simple about Instagram that makes me love it so much. Though Pinterest and Tumblr are two other great social media websites that you can find incredible inspiration from, I find a lot of inspiration from Instagram as well. These three women have an incredibly fashion sense that they document through their Instagram accounts. I thought I would share them with you all today, if you want to spice up your feed too.

Cara Van Brocklin (@caraloren)

First is Cara Van Brocklin. This fashion loving lady is seriously #momgoals. She has a hubby and two little boys, and the entire family is seriously #familygoals. Cara is incredibly beautiful, along with having very cute style. Anyone who loves fashion can totally relate to her functional and chic fashion sense. She also has a blog (www.caraloren.com) which I highly recommend you check out. Here are just a few photos from her Instagram account to give you a little feel for her.

Kristina Bazan (@Kristina_bazan)

Next is probably my favorite. Maybe. It's so hard to decide because they are all so amazing! Anyway, Kristina is a model who I have loved to follow along with as she has traveled to all of the big fashion weeks across the world. Not only does she take incredibly photos, which occupy a majority of her Instagram account, but she shares the inside scoop on the fashion world to the average fashion lover. She too has a blog (www.kayture.com), and I am particularly fond of her Snapchat (kirstina_bazan). She is constantly sharing her experiences, traveling to various fashion shows and working on projects of her own. Here is a taste of what her Instagram account looks like. (P.S. She had so many amazing pictures, that it was hard to narrow it down to just a few!)

Tess Christine (@tesschristinexo)

Now I'm going to move onto someone I actually found through YouTube (www.youtube.com/Tesschristine123). I have been watching Tess' videos for quite some time now, and I probably started following her on Instagram a few months ago. I knew I would love her Instagram because she has the best fashion videos on YouTube, and you get to see her similar, awesome style through her pictures on Instagram. Here is are a few snips from her Instagram account.

These three girls are incredibly inspiring people, with an awesome sense of fashion. I love to see their new photos pop up on my Instagram feed. If you need a little more inspiration on your feed, check these girls out.

Stay classy,

Disclaimer: All photos from this post are not my own and were taken from each person's Instagram account.