Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day on Campus Lookbook

Whatever you have planned for Valentine's Day this year (Unfortunately, I will probably be spending the entire day doing homework.), I find it to be the perfect excuse to wear my favorite girly pieces from my wardrobe and a whole lot of pink and red. You've probably got something that fits under this criteria in your closet. If you are in need of a little inspiration, here are a couple cute looks to rock this Valentine's weekend.

(photo from here)
If you are so blessed to have warm weather this Valentine's weekend, here is a really cute look. Pull out that fun red skirt that you are too timid to wear any other day, and pair it with a cute graphic t-shirt. Since it is obviously still winter outside, throw on a light jacket over the top, and slip on a cute pair of Keds.

(photo from here) 
If you're a big sweater person, this is the look for you. Just throw on your favorite pink or red sweater, and pair it with a comfy pair of jeans. Keep your feet warm with some knee high boots or keep them dry with a pair of rain boots. Have some red Hunters? Today is the day to wear them.

(photo from here) 
Is it still snowing where you are? Tuck a red or pink shirt into some slouchy jeans. Then cuff the bottom of your jeans to show off your bright sneaks. For added warmth, throw your coat over the top (Have a pink coat? Even better!), and accessorize as you please. This is a great comfy, casual, and festive look for walking across campus.

(photo from here) 
If you don't want to exactly scream Valentine's Day, but still want to dress up a little bit, here is a cute feminine look to try. Pull on a fitted sweater over a button-up shirt and make the collar peak out. Add a cute circle skirt and some tights. For added comfort, swap out heels for some flats or cute booties. Embrace the girly this weekend!

Well wishes to all on this Valentine's weekend! Leave a comment bellow describing what you will be wearing, and as always, leave blog post requests.


Cover photo from here.