Monday, August 8, 2016

Comfy and Chic Back to School Outfit Inspiration

It's about that time when I start rummaging through my closet and figuring out what I need for the new school year. Today I am bringing to you a few very cute and chic back to school outfits that can be created by using some very staple pieces. Not only are the outfits chic and different, but each one is very comfortable (because that is definitely a factor when deciding what to wear in the morning). I love experiment with new outfits and trends for school, so here are a few outfits to give you some inspiration.

A Statement Skirt 

As far as school fashion goes, I find that skirts are quite neglected (and I fall under this group of people too sometimes, which is quite funny since I wore uniform skirts to school every day for twelve years). During the warmer months I will see shorts or dresses, but not so many skirts. Even less often do I see them as the statement piece of an outfit. Skirts are valuable wardrobe pieces, as they can be mixed together with different tops to make dozens of unique outfits. I like the idea of wearing a fun, patterned skirt because you can mix it with so many basic tops you already have.

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Casual Business 

I am in love with the vibe that this outfit gives. It says "I'm profession, but I don't take myself too seriously." It's a great look for days you have presentations in class and want to look a little more put-together. It's a cute, fashion forward outfit that you can create with very basic pieces. Find your favorite structured pieces (button-up shirts and pleated slacks) and add a little roughness to them by leaving the shirt slightly un-tucked and rolling up the ankle of your slacks. Pair the look with some comfy statement flats, and you're done!

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Every-Day Bodycon 

Often times, people think of bodycon dresses as too sexy for school, but you can so easily tone it down and make it appropriate. Start off with a simple bodycon dress in a comfortable fabric because comfort is definitely key. To make the dress more casual, you can take your favorite denim jacket and throw it over your shoulders or you can tie a comfy flannel around your waist (casual way to sinch in at the waist). To make it even more casual, pair some trendy sneakers with it. I think that cool, white Adidas sneakers or high-tops add a really cool and casual vibe to any look.

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I hope I gave you some inspiration to be a little more fashion forward this school year, yet still stay comfortable. Have fun experimenting!

Molly Steckler