Friday, August 5, 2016

Women's Fall Fashion Trends of 2016

Cold weather might be the last think I want to think about right now, but I can't help getting excited for all of the fall fashion trends. Many people admit that fall is the best time for fashion. The cool weather makes layering manageable again, and it's not too cold that you have to cover every inch of your body with several layers just to go get coffee. After checking out looks from Paris, New York, and Milan fashion week, I have rounded up a few of the popular trends that I am most excited for this coming season. 

Puffer Jackets 

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I love it when very functional pieces become trendy. Stores instantly sell way more options for you to choose from! This season, there were many puffer jackets across the runway. They keep you super warm and look great contrasted with skinny pants. Make the jacket a statement buy getting a bright color, or, better yet, get a cool patterned one. With more options in stores, leave behind the basic colors and go for something a little more unique. 

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Velvet is such a unique material. At first glance, it can seem quite sophisticated, maybe even stuffy. But I see it can be a standout piece in any type of outfit. I love the contrast of tough, grungy pieces like a leather jacket and a choker mixed with velvet. It's a elegant staple that's super trendy this fall. It may be a step outside of most people's comfort zones, but we could all use another reason to experiment with fashion, right? 

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I am so excited to test the waters with this trend once it starts getting cooler out. Take a note from the always fierce Victoria Beckham. She works menswear inspired fashion like no one else. This season, on the runway, menswear was all the rage. Weather you might just try out some pleated pants or go for the comfy loafers, take it as far as you want. I have always thought menswear inspired looks are much more high fashion than most things. 

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To be honest, I'm just hoping this trend never goes away. It can look so high fashion even without splurging on expensive pieces. You can even test it out early in celebration of the Rio Olympics. Anyway, this trend is all about mixing in those 90s high school gym outfits you always hated, and working them into something really cool. Take inspiration for the Olympian's performance outfits this summer so that you will be chalk full of ideas this fall. Also, check out Gigi Hadid's latest Vogue cover. She definitely rocked the athletic/high fashion look well.  


These were quite trendy last year, and I'm glad they are back again. It's a nice twist on the basic coat to wear a cape. It can add a little girly touch with it's feminine shape or just add a little high fashion to any look. It makes your coat more the statement piece, especially if you will be spending a lot of your day outside, wearing it.


This is definitely a hit or miss trend for most people. I think it can look really classy and cool if you style it the right way. This also gives you a great opportunity to go to a Goodwill or consignment store and find some old embroidered pieces and save some money in the long run. I particularly love dresses with embroidery. They look super classy and girly. Dolce and Gabbana had a killer collection at Millan Fashion Week, with tons of embroidered pieces. Check out their collection for inspiration.

Molly Steckler