Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Style How-To: High Wasted Shorts

Again high wasted shorts are very popular this summer. High wasted shorts can make your legs look miles long and can accentuated curves you may not have. Although, every time I see high wasted shorts, girls are always wearing them with crop tops. It's like there is no other way to wear them. That's not true, though. I went on the hunt to find new ways to style them so here is what I have found.

Probably my favorite way to style them with a super loose, sheer long sleeve shirt. I'm not talking about the thick ones you wearing during the winter. Wearing a shirt long sleeve is super classy and great for cooler evenings. It is also a great contrast from tight shorts to a loose shirt. Tuck it in a pair it with a cute pair of wedges or go preppy by paring it with a pair of cute Keds.

My next favorite way to style high wasted shorts is the pair them with a boxy crochet top. Again it is a nice contrast with a loose shirt. Find one that is a little cropped so that you can tell you are wearing high wasted shorts but not showing any skin. They look a little nicer than a basic t-shirt and are super classy. I like to wear these with a comfortable pair of cute flats and a casual floppy hat or fedora.

The last was is another look for chillier summer nights. I like to pair high wasted shorts with a lightweight sweater. I like to tuck it half way into my shorts and roll the sleeves a few times. This can also be a lazy Sunday outfit because it's super comfy. Pair it with a top knot and you can't be comfier.

High wasted shorts are my love during the summer time. They are a super cute retro look and there are a bunch of ways you can style them. Remember to keep it classy everyone.