Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Survival Guide

With summer rapidly approaching, I decided to lay down my essentials for a smooth summer. This list ranges from beauty, to fashion, and to anything else I find essential. This list ensures a comfortable summer no matter where you are and what sticky situation you might fall into with your friends. Let's get started with the list.

1. Daily moisturizer with SPF. The first essential is my lifesaver during the summer months. We all know that it is important to keep your arms, legs, and everywhere on your bottle nice and supple, especially when the harsh heat can dry them out. We also know that it is import to use sunscreen every single day, not matter the temperature. If you are anything like me, you don't like taking the time to apply so many things to your body and it would be so much easier to have two in one. And there is! I found a nifty moisturizer by Lubriderm. It's called the Daily Moisture Lotion with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15. This is a great amount of sunscreen for a regular basis and it doesn't try out your skin like most sunscreens. It is a grate way to remind yourself to stay protected. If you spend extensive time in the sun, use a sunscreen with a higher SPF and apply more frequently.

2. Toner.  During the summer months, my skin care routine changes a little bit because of the temperature change. I highly recommend using a toner because your skin can get very oily during the sweaty months, and the toner will keep your skin balanced. There are all different types of toners from many different skin times but I prefer to use Witch Hazel. It is super cheep and it works really well. It's great for any skin type, but no matter what type you use I highly recommend one for the summer months.

3. Curling moose. During the summer, I try to limit the amount of heat I use on my hair. By the end of every day I'm always super sweaty or I have gone in the pool so it is a waste to use heat on my hair. Though I like to use curling moose all year, I especially like to use it during the summer. After washing your hair, scrunch some curling moose into your hair for some effortless waves. It's super quick and your hair will very much appreciate your break heat.

4. Gradual tanner. I'm all about protecting my skin from the sun so I do not like to go tanning or lay out in the sun. However, I love having bronzy skin so I go for a gradual tanner. They look super natural but they give you a lovely glow. My favorite is the Target brand gradual tanner. It doesn't have a weird smell and it doesn't streak.

5. Flowey Shorts. During the summer, I try to find new ways to stay cool. I find that super flowey outfits are much better than tight shorts and tank tops. They allow air to flow all around you. When it comes to shorts, I love loose and flowey shorts. They look a little nicer than basic jean shorts and are super comfortable. You can dress them up or down for a casual day look or a fun night out.

6. Hats. Hats are commonly ignored by people during the summer but I love them. They can solve any bad hair day by problem. Cute floppy hats complete a nice boho look and a fedora will go great with a preppy look. They are great at protecting your face from the sun, so bring one along if you are hiking or going to the beach.

7. Neutral colored cross-body bag. During the summer I go I vacation with my family, and I do a lot of shopping. I find cross body bags are great for because they are super functional and you don't need your hands. I really like downsizing when it comes to bags during the summer months.


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