Saturday, July 26, 2014

Little Ways to Glam Up Your Outfit

Having a glammed up and put together look may seem like rocket science, but trust's really not as difficult as it sounds. I love wearing just shorts and t-shirts every day, but we all know that it's not the cutest way to go. Here are a few of my favorite ways to add a glam and put together touch to any outfit you are wearing.

Add a watch

My first tip is to add a nice watch. There is just something that a watch adds to a look that makes everyone think 'wow she really tried to look cute today', even though it took you all but ten seconds to put it on. I have a silver colored watch that I got from Forever 21 a few weeks ago. It's very simple and classy, but every time I wear it, I feel more put together.

Add a blazer

As I have always said, you can never go wrong with a blazer. They may seem too fancy to go with just any outfit, but trust me they can. I like to have a few cheep ones from places like Forever 21 and H&M to just throw on. They can instantly make jean shorts and a t-shirt look ten times more put together. Buy a bunch of cheep ones in fun colors, so that you can dress up any outfit.

Add some wedges/heals

This may not always be the most convenient way to glam up your outfit, but it sure is affective. You wouldn't believe what a difference it makes to wear heals with a dress instead of Keds. You can also add them to your basic jeans and a t-shirt outfit. I always instantly feel like a million bucks when I wear heals, so it is a nice moral booster too.

Add a chic bag

Whether it's a massive tote-size bag that can fit a small child or a slim cross body with simple detailing, I find adding a cute bag to a boring outfit is always essential. Swap your Vera Bradly wristlet for a sleek, black bag and you instantly gained style points.

Looking chic and put together is not as difficult as it may seem. Adding a cute watch or some fun heals can instantly make you look like you spent so much more time on your outfit than you actually did. Trust me. Adding a blazer or a cute bag can make a whirl-wind of a difference.

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