Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Falling Into the Season: Black Pieces Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

I use to hate to wear the color black. I would go through all means to not have any black pieces in my closet and just have colorful ones. Clearly my sense of style has changed, and I cannot live without black pieces! These are essential for any girl's wardrobe! Bellow are is a list of my favorite black pieces!

Black Pants

Black pants are a necessity all year around. They are a great staple piece for the fall and winter time especially. Having a couple pairs of these in your closet are a great staple piece. You can easily add other fun pieces to it to make a really cute outfit. I like to have one knit pair for lazy days and a nice pair for when I want to look a little more put together. (Find some at American Eagle by clicking here.)  

Black Blazer

I feel like I am always talking about blazers, but they are seriously amazing! They can make any outfit look so much more professional. Add it to a t-shirt and jeans for a simpler but cute look, our layer it over a winter dress with fun tights for added glam. (Check out some at H&M by clicking here.)

Black Cardigan

Once it hits the fall and winter time, I swap out my bright colored cardigans for grey and black ones. You will have no problem finding a simple black cardigan. It can be layered over shirts, under jackets, overtop dress, or any other way you want to style them. They are a touch of warmth and texture to any outfit. (Check out some at Express by clicking here.)  

Black Boots

Knee-high black riding boots are perfect for the winter! They keep your feet super dry during the winter, no matter how much snow there is. They are also a great fashion statement even when it isn't snowing. Keep a nice pare of black boots in your closet to pair with your outfit whenever you are in a crunch. (Check out some great ones at DSW by clicking here.)  

Stay classy my loves,

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