Friday, January 30, 2015

Free This Friday: Monthly Loves

I decided I would start doing my monthly loves again. I'm not sure if I will do them every month, but I just have accumulated a lot of things I really like this month! From classic TV shows to makeup...let's face's just a random mix.

TV Show: Flashpoint and Friends

Okay, I have a tie. I finished Flashpoint at the very beginning of the month but I still wanted to tall you all about it. It's a TV series that ended a while back that is now on Netflix. It revolves around a Strategic Response Unit (like a swat team but they are able to negotiate, diffuse bombs, etc.) set in Canada. I was completely in love with it and absolutely devastated when I found out it was no longer airing. I highly recommend it if you need a new Netflix show to watch.

Friends is finally on Netflix!!!! I never really watched the show because I was a bit too young for it, so I decided to start watching it on Netflix. Let me say, I am IN LOVE!

Fashion: New Blazer

Yes, I got a new blazer folks. It's the perfect everyday blazer because it has a casual material but it looks super sleek. Looking for a new blazer? Forever 21 has a bunch of them!

Makeup: Black Eye Shadow as Liner

I have also seriously struggle-bussed when it comes to liquid eyeliner. I could just never apply it without completely messing it up. I found, however, a new way of applying liner to my upper lash line! I have started to use a black eye shadow and an angled eyeliner brush. It is goof-proof and it gives a nice smoky look. If you like the liquid liner look, apply the black liner to the upper lash line and then apply the liquid liner over the top.

More Makeup: Brows!

Finally I jumped on the brow band wagon! I have never really been one to do my brows because they were always so thick. However, I have been trimming my brows a little bitt thinner and just apply shadow to the patchy spots. It ads great definition and a polished look to your brows. The added sleek brows just make the look a whole lot more put together! (Brow routine coming soon!)

What are your favorites?

Stay classy,