Monday, February 16, 2015

How To Style Leather Pants

When I first heard about the whole leather pant trend, I was quite skeptical. I felt that they were to be kept for Sandy from Grease or any motor biker girl. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can now pull these pants how. How are we suppose to do this, you might ask? I have provided a couple options for toning down this edgy trend for an every day look or a night out on the town without looking super crazy.

Soft and Sweet with a Touch of Edge
Who says you can't keep your girly touch with leather pants. This oversized grey sweater with a sweet lace trim add the perfect amount of girly to this edgy outfit. 
Plaid for Days
Adding plaid to a leather pants look is a great contrast. The sleek look of pants and casual, southern look of  a classic plaid button up go perfectly together. It also makes the look a lot more comfortable. 
 A Pop of Pink
It's always fun to play up a bright color with a neutral outfit. Why not do it with leather pants? Adding the pop of bright heals with the casual t-shirt and pants is a great way to add a little glam to this outfit.  
 Business Chic
Though leather pants probably don't fit in your dress code for work, you can make a great business look for any occasion when you want to make yourself a little more put together. The button up and trench coat add a polish touch to the edgy pants. Put on some mirrored shades for a bad a** vibe.
 Layered Look
I know that it is still extremely cold, so some of the other looks might not be as possible to wear right now. Added a bunch of layers will keep you warm, though. The denim shirt is a nice contrast to the all black look, and it adds a little bit of prep with the cuffed sleeves.

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