Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To Work Spring Trends Into Your Style

I realize that the spring trends that I revealed to you all for this year may seem a little difficult to pull off on an average day, so I decided to give you all a little inspiration for how to work these trends. Whether your style is preppy, girly, or chic, you can find the right pieces for you in stores this spring. However, take a chance on the other side of the bridge and feel free to try out trends from fashion styles you aren't use to. Trying out new trends is always fun, right?

Girly Girls: Embrace the Noisy Floral Trend

Floral and girly girls just goes together. This can be a really fun and easy trend to work this spring. If you aren't ready for a full on loud, floral dress, then try just one peace. For example, this look includes a simple sheer button up with wild floral print shorts. This is a super fun spring/summer look, and you get to experiment with the floral trend without thinking you are going overboard.

Preppy Girls: Embrace the Gingham

This trend just screams preppy. However, don't feel obligated to go head to toe with this pattern. If you aren't ready for that or you don't think you can pull it off, go with a simple gingham pattern button up with some neutral pants and simple sandals.

Chic Darlings: Embrace the Athletic Wear

Don't be afraid to embrace the mesh, exposed zippers, scuba material, and sleek lines for this trend. Many stores like Forever 21 and H&M have a collection of very interesting and wearable athletic outfits. This is a fun one to experiment with. If you are unsure at first, tackle one peace of it at a time. Like the picture above, pare a cool mesh sweater with some comfy jeans for a chic but simple outfit.

Stay classy and fabulous,

Photo Credit: hm.com, pinterest.com