Friday, March 13, 2015

Pepsters for Prom: My tips for Dresses, Shoes, and Accessories

Prom's tend to be anytime for a few weeks from now to the end of the school year, so I thought I would start a series for prepping for prom this year. I went to prom last year so I have realized all of the pointless things that people do and all of the important ones. Today starts the dress, shoes, and accessories for prom. Let's start with the dress.

The Dress

In my opinion, I prefer to wear floor length dresses for prom. How many times will you get to wear a full length dress in your life? Not very often. Because of this I always look at the long dresses. I also think they are more fun to dance in. I recommend a dress that has at least one or two straps. I had a strapless last year and I seriously struggle-bussed because I had to keep pulling it up. I'm not saying you can't buy a strapless dress, but just first seriously consider how much you like it before you pick it. I know the strapless ones are cute, but let's be real. Lastly, get your dress early. There is probably a 75% of chance that you will have to get it altered, so you will want to do that as soon as possible so you don't have to worry about it.

The Shoes

Let's be honesty my friends. Your shoes will be off before you even start dancing, so don't worry too much about them. Also, your dress will probably be covering them. I plan on wearing one of my black heals I already own or I will buy a pair that I know I can wear again. The heals are really only for pictures and so you can feel like a million bucks for the first little bit. Take it from me; they really aren't that important.

The Accessories

Keep the accessories very simple. If you have a simple dress, then you can go for a really fun necklace, but just be aware that you will be dancing all night. Studs and maybe a couple bracelets will work, but there is no reason to go all out. Again, just use what you already have. I recommend a cute clutch, though to keep all of your things in. I didn't bring one last year, and I regret it.

In conclusion, I think that keeping it simple is best. Really the only reason why we are getting all dressed up is for the pictures before hand, so don't go too crazy. Keep it simple and keep it classy.

Stay classy and fabulous,

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