Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mastering the Angelina Jolie of Shoes

If you search "high heels" on Google, the most popular suggestion after it is "for men." I can't really explain that but I'll just go with it I guess. These beautiful death traps have become a part of my life ever since I laid my eyes upon a beautiful pair of my cream colored wedges at Target. Ever since I purchased this pair, I have become obsessed with heels. No joke, they can really change any outfit. I consider myself an excellent heel-walker...well...I don't wobble all over the place or walk like my knees don't exist when I walk in you can be the judge. I can understand everyone who has a love/hate relationships with heels because they aren't quite as comfortable as your extremely supportive running shoes. Fear not. I am here to help you address and conquer these beautiful show stoppers.

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Strut Before You Buy
Let's start with the actual heels. Now these are no ordinary shoes that you can just buy because they look cute. The whole walking process is much harder than your favorite flats. Because of this, never buy heels online. Make sure you can try them on and walk around the store a little bit with them. Don't just take a couple baby steps. Strut full on around the shoe department for a few minutes. Do your feet hurt already or have you "missed your footing" a couple times? Sorry peach, but you've got to put them back. You should feel like a bad a** while wearing them, and it just isn't the same if your uncomfortable or falling on your face. Remember that these are heels, and they will never be as comfortable as a pair of sneakers. However, you will most likely do a good amount of walking and standing in them. Make sure they fit securely but not too tight. Straps help to keep your foot secure.

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Heel Height and Type
If you have never warn heels in my life, start slow. It's a gradual process of working your way up to the adorable jumbo heels you saw at the store last weekend. In the beginning, stick to wedges and chunkier heels. They will help you get use to the height and are much easier to walk in. Once you feel comfortable, start going a little skinnier on the heel and higher (If you want to. I suppose you could just stick to little stubby heels, but what's the fun in that?) You also can't force yourself to be good at walking in skyscrapers. You need to walk in your heels a lot! Your body will begin to learn how to walk naturally and comfortably in them. It's hardly forceable (apparently spell check doesn't think that's a word, so let's just pretend it is).

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Spend a Little Extra
I also don't find it to be such a bad idea to invest a little. Buy a cheap pair and the paper thin heel could break off any second. Trust me, it can happen. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra on some heels. They are fancy shoes for special occasions so you should spend a little extra like you would on a fancier dress.

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The First Wear
Every pair of heels can be a little bit of uncomfortable when you first buy them. Even tennis shoes can squeeze your feet in weird places before you break them in. Heels need to be broken in too. If you plan to wear your new jewels to a special occasion, wear them around your house a few times. This will help you break them in a bit and become more comfortable wearing them. You will naturally learn to walk easier in them. It takes time to get comfy.

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Don't Look Stupid While Walking
Like I said, stiletto heels are no walk in the park (see what I did there? hu? Did ya?). You can't walk in them like you do a pair of sneakers. Though you should always walk with good posture, it is especially important when walking in heels. When you start out on a new pair of heels follow these tips.
  • Place your foot down from heel to toe, not flat footed as many people do. It looks more natural when you do heel to toe and it is a whole lot easier.
  • Lean back slightly
  • Stand tall
  • Roll your shoulders back and down
  • Lift your chin so your eye gaze is straight (not down like many people do. Trust me your feet can walk just fine without you staring them down.)
  • Swing your hips to help with momentum
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For Emergencies
Sometimes, you will be sucked in to buy a really cute pair of heels that are just a little too big or rub in the wrong places. I know what you mean. I've been there. In these situations, pick up some shoe flowers (find them near the shoe section) to help slide more smoothly into your heels. If you feels some rubbing (which is often common with new heels), rub the area of your foot with Vasaline. I know that sounds weird, but it softens the skin to help the straps and edges of your heels glide smoothly along the Vasaline (not your skin). I actually almost always cover my feet in Vasaline before I wear any heels just in case. There is no damage to your shoes, and no rubbing for you.

Last But Not Least
There is one thing to remember when wearing heels. These are a special breed of shoes. If you plan to suffer a little in the beginning, you better feel like a bad a** when you wear them. They are the Angeline Jolie of shoes so better feel like it. She doesn't look like that on accident so you shouldn't take heels any less seriously. If you don't feel like your on top of the world when you wear them, don't buy them and don't wear them. You need to love these special foot accessories.

Stay classy,

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