Friday, June 5, 2015

Monthly Loves: May

It's June already, and that means it's time for my May Loves! May was a super quick month for me, and I had to say goodbye to my high school career. Here are just a few of the things I loved this month.

Makeup Product: Mac Mineralized SkinFinish in Soft and Gentle ($32)
(Photo from here)
I did a blog post earlier this month hauling my first ever Mac products (click here to read it), and I said that I wasn't overly impressed with this product. Of course this was only a first impression, and now that I have used it several times, I have come to really love it. It's not overly shimmery, so it's perfect for every day use. I like to apply a little bit to the tops of my cheek bones and down the center of my face for a nice pick-me-up look. It's one of the few makeup products I do wear on my no makeup makeup days. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for an every-day highlighter.

Nail Polish: Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Teeny ($8.50)
(Picture from here)
I have been eyeing this polish for a while, and it is a cult favorite for many people. While shopping at Target with a friend, I decided to finally pick it up. I had recently got rid of almost all of my nail polish, so I felt I deserved a new one. Let me say, I am in love with it! It's a very unique pale but bright blue that contrasts so well against my warmer summer skin tone. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple and cute spring/summer nail polish color.

Dress: Textured Woven A-Line Dress ($24)
(Photo from here)
With my graduation being last month, I had many events that I needed to dress up for. While I was shopping at Forever 21, my mom picked up this dress for me to try on. I was instantly drawn to it because it was part of the athlete trend that I am loving this spring. I have warn this dress multiple times since purchasing it, and I am just falling more in love with it. I got so many compliments on it when I wore it too. I especially love that it has sleeves, so I didn't have to wear a sweater to cover my shoulders to follow my school dress code.

In the middle of the month my friend told me about this website her mom had found. It sells discounted clothes, shoes, and accessories. This website has a huge variety of popular brands, and I have become addicted to it. You can easily find some great clothes for incredibly low prices. Check it out!

TV Show: Law and Order: SVU
(Photo from here) 
Since NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, and Dancing With the Stars (Congrats to Rumer and Val. Love them both!) have ended for the summer, I have found myself at a loss for what to do with my life. I have been eyeing this Law and Order show for quite some time, and I knew I wanted to start watching it soon, so I finally took the plunge. I have to say that I really love it so far! I am as addicted to it as all of my other shows, and I am excited to spend the whole summer watching all of the seasons.

Stay classy,