Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Monthly Loves: July

As people always say, August is like the Mondays of the year. It sucks. It's always a sad time when July finally ends because you come to realize that your summer is ending. One thing to look forward to is fall fashion, which everyone knows is the greatest season for the true fashionista (I feel like that is such a cliché word, but I couldn't think of anything else.) Here are a just a few things I've loved this month, that I kinda think everyone needs in their life.

Nail Polish Love: Essie's Blanc

(photo from here)  
Before picking up this nail polish on a whim, I wouldn't even think of putting white nail polish on my fingers. I just thought the color seemed a little bit trashy. However, I was swayed by the all-powerful Pinterest to give it a try. I am absolutely thrilled that I took the plunge because I have become obsessed with wearing white on my nails. If you keep it pretty clean and touched up, it can give your nails a neutral but unique look. I feel that it just adds a bit of trendy to any outfit. And, of course, it's white, so it goes with EVERYTHING! It's a great bright color for the summer that everyone needs in their collection.

Makeup Love: Rimmel London Perfection BB Cream Matte

(photo from here)
I am finally dark enough to wear the lightest shade of my favorite summer bb cream (#palepeopleprobs). I discovered this product last summer, and I have been dying to wear it ever since. It is by far one of the best drugstore bb creams I have tried. It's a nice watery texture that makes it feel super lightweight, but it still gives a nice light coverage, which is all you really need in the summer. The SPF in it is also a nice bonus.

Mascara Love: L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

(photo from here) 
Volume seems to be the big thing when it comes to mascara, but I am completely opposite. I love length! I already have quite long natural lashes (I struggle with always having them brush up against my glasses, though. #longlashprobs?), and all I want to do is make them longer. This is the one mascara that I have found that gives me incredible length. The skinny brush is also perfect for coating the lower lashes without getting mascara all over your under eye area. #success

Clothing Love: Nike Tank Tops

(photo from here) 
I have become a running addict this month, so of course I had to stock up on some great running tanks. (Thank you running tanks for the lovely tank top tank lines #not.) I am particularly in love with the Nike running tanks right now. Any and all of them are great. Somehow Nike has manage to make a tank with such nice quality but super light weight. They are also all so cute, and we all know that is the only thing that really matters.

Book Love: Lauren Conrad Style

(photo from here) 
A few years back, I picked up Lauren Conrad Beauty at the book store. It became one of my favorite books, with amazing beauty tips from the always lovely, Lauren Conrad. I finally got my hands on her book Lauren Conrad Style, and I am just as in love. My fashion addiction is every growing, so this has been the perfect book for me. If you just want a fun little read about fashion, pick this book up!

Blogger Love: Cara Loren

(photo from here) 
I came across this lovely lady on Instagram by chance this month, and she is seriously #goals! She has the most amazing style, and is always posting the cutest #OOTDs on Instagram. She has a wonderful blog that I have just come to love so much this month, and I felt I just needed to tell you all about her. I can always find the cutest fashion inspiration from looking through her pictures on Instagram or her blog. You need her to show up your Instagram feed now!

Stay classy and enjoy life like you were Tony Stark,