Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Early Spring Outfit Ideas for the Everyday Lady

Winter seems to be a far off memory after being blessed with so much warm weather, (I guess that groundhog was right.) and not mad about it at all. I'm ready to break into my spring and summer clothes, so I thought I would share a little inspiration for your spring wardrobe. Tuck those dark colors back into your closet, and break out the fun bright florals and all of the spring trends. Here are a couple outfits that have some great transition pieces between the cold and warm weather.

(photo from here) 
You can't make a bigger statement than an all white outfit. If you're like me a completely over the dull colors of winter, pull out those white jeans you never know how to style and create a stand-out look. Try out the cold shoulder trend with this fun top, paired with your white skinnies. She's got some nude heels on, which are totally fine, but I think a pair of pastel-pink or nude flats would pair beautiful too. This is definitely a great standout outfit, in the endless sea of black. It's a great transition outfit, too, for those days that aren't quite sweltering hot yet, but too warm for a sweater.

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A tank and jeans has been my go to these past few weeks. Since the temperature has been hovering in the upper fifties to lowery sixties, it isn't quite warm enough to wear shorts, but you can get sweaty easily if you pile on too many layers. I love this pairing of a girly tank with black or distressed jeans. I'm totally into the contrast of girly and edgy with my looks recently. It's also so such an easy and cute outfit to pair. I've picked up so many tanks recently because they are just so easy to throw on with any outfit and make it a little bit girly. Pair the look with a pair of booties or flats and a statement tote.

(photo from here) 
You can also opt for a little trendier look with some joggers pared with a tank, tied into a not on one side. Go fancy with some heels or keep it a little comfy with some Vans or trendy sneakers.

(photo from here) 
I'm definitely excited to start wearing skirts again. I got into a rut of wearing pants pretty much every day this winter because I didn't want to shave my legs and they were warm. I know I tend to go for more neutral, solid colored skirts with a fun top, but I want to try branching out and getting some fun patterned skirts. I think it really adds a nice touch to the look, and its so easy to pair with a basic tank or t-shirt and a jacket or cardigan. Dust off those skirts that have been hiding in the back of your closet, and put them back into rotation.

I hope I helped you find a little inspiration for your spring wardrobe! Click here to check out my recent post on the popular trends for spring, if you fancy reading something like that.

Stay classy,

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